£2.50 Tapas Menu

Spiced Olives
red, green and black

Vegetable Pakora
onions, spinach leaves and potatoes in a light gram flour batter

Garlic Mushrooms
pan fried mushrooms in a spicy garlic sauce

Spicy Chicken Wings
chicken wings marinated in a blend of spices and deep fried

Tarka Daal
an old favourite dish with pan fried onions, lentils and tomatoes finished with fresh coriander

Chana Masala
chickpeas cooked in a blend of spices with onions and tomatoes

Bombay Aloo
New potatoes in Bombay spices


Chicken Pakora
breast of chicken marinated in Indian spices and lemon dressing in a light batter

Haggis Pakora
Traditional Scottish dish with our Indian twist

Goats cheese
served with chilli jam

Tandoori drumsticks
marinated in authentic tandoori spices

Chicken korma
a traditional mild favourite made with fresh cream

Chicken Chasni
the most popular sweet and sour dish with people who like mild Indian cuisine

South Indian garlic chilli
for those who like it hot, sweet and spicy- a must for hot curry lovers!

Lamb Ambala
the Singh families signature dish made with their secret curry sauce recipe

Boiled Rice 1.75
Pilau Rice 2.00
Chips 1.75
Spicy Chips 2.25
Plain Nan 2.00
Garlic Nan 2.25
Peshwari Nan 2.50
Popodoms & Spiced Onions 1.50

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