About Us

Since opening their first restaurant in Glasgow over 20 years ago, Mister Singh’s India has embarked on an incredible journey. Four generations of the Singh family have made it their mission to establish themselves as masters of Indian cuisine within the city – and they’ve succeeded. Their reputation now extends far beyond the  reach of Glasgow, hence their slogan ‘The World Famous’.

Although the family have undeniably worked hard to build their reputation, success would never have arrived without the devoted support of the Glasgow locals, who’ve never shied away from booking a table or trying out a new dish on the menu. The influence that the locals have had on the family is reflected in several of the dishes that now occupy the menu – including the famous haggis pakora.

It’s through this continual support that Mister Singh’s has had the opportunity to evolve from a single restaurant into a fully fledged brand. What started as a family run restaurant has now grown into a household name that has become synonymous with authentic Indian food.

Mister Singh’s India is proud to support Mary’s Meals Charity to help end poverty and malnutrition in the developing world.


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