Mary’s Meals – New Partnership

For those of you who still aren’t aware, we recently launched our very own ready meal! You can now get your hands on a Mister Singh’s Chicken Bhoona at Costco, and enjoy our authentic taste of India from the comfort of your home.

Not only is our Bhoona a world-beater, it’s also helping us do a world of good. We’ve partnered with Mary’s Meals, a fantastic Scottish charity committed to providing nourishing food to children living in the poorest parts of the world. Together we’ve pledged that for every Mister Singh’s ready meal bought from Costco and sold through our restaurant, one of the millions of children that Mary’s Meals supports will be provided with a meal. This is invaluable, as it gives them the energy to get through a day of school so they can learn and┬ámake the most of their life.

We’ll be introducing more dishes soon so keep an eye out for Mister Singh’s on your shelf!