Curry & Concert Menu


Spicy Chicken Wings
Spicy, crunchy and delicious; simply irresistible for those with a passion for spice

Haggis Samosa
Traditional haggis, turnip and potatoes enveloped in a light Indian pastry

Vegetable Samosa
Choice of vegetables enveloped in a light Indian pastry

Chicken Pakora
The favourite Indian snack served with our delicious dips

Vegetable Pakora
Vegetable Indian snack served with our delicious dips

Haggis Pakora
Delicately spiced haggis shallow fried until golden brown

Sweet & Sour Chicken Poori
A light, thin, deep-fried flaky bread filled with chicken

Chicken Chaat
Chicken cooekd in a sweet + sour sauce with sliced onions


Mains are served with rice or nan for the table. Any of the meat dishes can be swapped for a vegetarian dish (please ask your server):
Chicken Chasni
A creamy, velvety sauce with a twist of sweet n sour

Chicken Korma
An exquisite blend of armomatic spices and lashings of cream.

Chicken Rogan Josh
Tomatoes, paprika and a host of fresh herbs to create an immensely popular dish

Lamb Malaidar
Spinach puree simmered in rich garlic based creamy sauce with ginger and garam chillies, a smooth curry with a bit of a bite.

Lamb Ambala
The singh families signature dish made with their secret curry sauce
(medium strength-most popular curry on the menu)

Prawn or Chicken Ginger Chilli Bhoona
Simmered in green chilli, ginger, tomatoes and garnished with fresh coriander

Chicken South Indian Chilli
For those who like it hot, sweet and spicy, a must for the hot curry lovers.

Haddock & Fries
Golden fillet of haddock served with french fries and the chefs vegetable medley

Fried Chicken & Fries
Succulent chicken fried to a crispy golden brown and served with fries

Aloo Keema & Peas Curry
Mister Singhs Style Mince & Tattie Curry

Chicken Desi (on the
Cooked homemade style in a gravy rich with traditional Punjabi spices (medium strength)

Lamb Desi (on the bone)
Cooked in the real traditional way with fresh ginger, garlic, green chillies and fresh coriander(medium strength)

Singhsational Sizzlers

Chicken garlic and lime tikka – £3
Chicken tikka – £3
Lamb tikka – £4


Chips – £2.25
Plain Nan – £2.95
Garlic Nan – £3.50
Peshshwair Nan – £3.50
Papa Singh’s Nan – £4.95
Chilli + Cheese Nan – £3.50
Spicy desi rice – £1.95
Mushroom rice – £1.95
Lemongrass rice – £1.95

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