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2 Popadoms & Dips £4.25
Vegetable or Mushroom Pakora £4.25
Chicken Pakora £5.25
Haggis Pakora £4.95
Mixed Pakora £5.25
Chicken, haggis, mushroom & vegetable
Spicy Fried Chicken Wings £5.25
Deep fried wings marinated in authentic Indian spices
Vegetable Samosa £4.95
A savoury Indian pasty served with masala chickpeas
Malai Mushrooms £4.50
Cooked in a mouth watering garlic & creamy sauce with crushed black peppercorns garnished with dry parsley
Tandoori Chicken Chatt £4.95
Tender chicken drumsticks marinated and barbecued in the tandoori oven then cooked in a sweet n sour sauce with sliced onions

Platter for Two £12.50
Platter for Three £18.00
Platter for Four £23.00

Mixed combination of chicken, vegetable, haggis and mushroom pakora Tandoori chicken chatt and chicken poori

ConnoIsseur’s Starters

King Prawn Butterfly £8.50
Approx 15min wait

Salmon Pakora £7.50

Approx 15min wait
Haggis Neeps & Tatties Samosa £5.25 Gently spiced haggis and potato samosa served with sweet & sour chickpeas

Poori £5.50

A light thin deep fried flaky bread. Served with a choice of chicken, minced lamb, haggis, garlic mushrooms or prawns

Bhatura £5.50

A wonderful fluffy bread. Served with a choice of chicken, minced lamb, haggis or garlic mushrooms

Tandoori Selection

All tandoori dishes are marinated in authentic spices and cooked in the tandoori oven
Starters are served with salad and yoghurt dip

Main Courses are served with rice and traditional curry sauce
Chicken Tikka 
Starter £5.95 Main £12.95
Lamb Tikka
Starter £6.50 Main £13.95
Salmon Tandoori
Starter £6.95 Main £14.50

Mixed Tikka

Starter £7.25 Selection of chicken, lamb, salmon & seek kebab
King Prawn Tandoori
Starter £8.50 Main £18.50
Garlic & lime Chicken Tikka
Starter £6.50 Main £13.95
Tandoori Lamb Chops
Starter £6.95 Main £14.95

Tandoori Mix Grill

Served with rice and nan

A delicious mixture off tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, salmon tikka, chicken tikka, seek kebab and king prawn Main £19.95 Tandoori Chicken
1 leg, 1 breast on the bone
Main Only £13.95

Mister Singh’s House Specialities

Karahi Bhoona
A host of spice, ginger, garlic, onions, peppers and cumin seeds all simmered in a karahi  0
(Medium Strength) Chasni
The most popular sweet & sour dish among the people who like mild Indian cuisine
(Mild Strength – Sweet and Sour)

South Indian Garlic Chilli
For those who like it hot, sweet and spicy, a must for the hot curry lovers
(Hot Strength – Sweet and Sour)
Saag leaves simmered in a rich garlic based creamy sauce with ginger and garam chillies – a smooth curry with a bit of a bite
The Singh family signature dish of their secret curry sauce recipe…
Beautiful and one of the most popular dishes on the menu
(Medium Strength) Balti
A medium strength dish with a blend of tandoori spices, chickpeas and simmered in a homemade yogurt (Medium Strength)
Rogan Josh
Tomatoes, paprika and a host of fresh herbs and spices to create this immensely popular dish
A medium to hot dish cooked with mushrooms, green peas, onions and sweet sauce…delicious
(Medium Strength)
Garlic Garam Masala
A medium spiced dish cooked in a rich garam masala sauce with garlic butter, garnished with fresh coriander
(Medium Strength) Jalandhri
A potent fusion of ginger, garlic, onions, peppers, coconut cream and fresh herbs, simmered in a chilli sauce

(Medium to Hot Strength) the above dishes served with the following:
Chicken £11.25
Chicken Tikka
£12.25 Lamb
Lamb Tikka £12.95
Prawns £11.25
King Prawns £17.95
Haggis £10.95
Indian or European Vegetable £9.95

Lamb Pasanda Chicken Tikka Masala
Tender pieces of lamb simmered in A mild dish cooked with onions, yogurt and cream, with a fine touch peppers and fresh cream of almonds and sultanas (A mild dish)
(A mild dish) £12.95

Keema Aloo Mehti
Tender lamb mince cooked gently in a medium spice sauce with
fenugreek leave and potatoes then garnished with a lashing of fresh coriander

ConnoIsseur’s Choice

A rich mouth watering colorful dish with sauteed mixed pepper, tomato, spring onions, yoghurt and mixed pickles then garnished with fresh coriander.

(Medium Strength) Ginger Chilli Bhoona
Simmered in green chilli, ginger, tomatoes and garnished with fresh coriander
(Medium to Hot Strength) the above dishes served with the following:
Chicken £11.25
Chicken Tikka £12.25
Lamb £11.95
Lamb Tikka £12.95
Prawns £11.25
King Prawns £17.95
Haggis £10.95
Indian or European Vegetable £9.95

Fish Jarnelly
Salmon fish cooked Bengali style with mustard, green chillies, onions and then simmered in yoghurt
(Medium Strength)

£14.95 Mutton Matka
Succulent pieces off tender mutton cooked with tandoori spices, sultana, coriander and simmered in yoghurt
(Medium Strength)

£14.95 Chena Mastana
Cooked with Indian cottage cheese, green chilli, sauteed onions giving it a rich smooth taste.
(Available in Mild or Spicy Strength)

£10.95 Lamb Palak (on or of the bone)
Tender Lamb cooked with spinach leaves and green chilli (Medium Strength)

£13.95 3Chicken Desi (on the bone)
Cooked homemade style in a thin gravy rich with traditional Punjabi spices
(Medium Strength)

£12.95 Lamb Desi (on the bone)
Cooked in real traditional way with fresh ginger, garlic, green chilies and fresh coriander
(Medium Strength)

Aloo Keema & Peas Curry

Mince, tatties and peas (Medium Strength)

Mild Choice & Favourites

Kashmiri Korma
A fruity and flavoursome fusion of yoghurt, saffron milk, pineapples, peaches, mango or bananas

Mughali Korma
An exquisite blend of ground cashews, aromatic spices and lashings of fresh cream Ceylonese

A mild dish made with coconut cream, your bounty to enjoy this! Traditional Curry
The original classic cooked to a medium strength

Rich sauce with plenty of ginger, garlic and tomatoes Dopiaza
Oodles of onions and exotic spices

A medium strength dish made with lentils, gives a smooth rich texture and flavour
A medium strength dish, sweet and sour

Savoury rice cooked with your choice of chicken or lamb on the bone served with flavoursome curry sauce

Served with the following:
Chicken £11.25
Chicken Tikka £12.25
Lamb £11.95
Lamb Tikka £12.95
Prawns £11.25
King Prawns £17.95
Haggis £10.95
Indian or European Vegetable £9.95

Vegetarian Choice

Mix Vegetable Bhaji
Side £5.95 Main £8.95 Potato, cauliflower, green peas and mushroom

Indian Mixed Vegetable
Side £5.95 Main £8.95 Oakra, tinda and chickpea

Aloo Palak
Side £5.95 Main £8.95
Potato and spinach cooked slowly with ginger and garlic, garnished with fresh coriander

Paneer Palak
Side £5.95 Main £8.95
Indian cheese cooked slowly with ginger and garlic, garnished with fresh coriander

Mushroom Bhaji Hara Pyaz
Side £5.95 Main £8.95
Cooked in a dry sauce with ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes, spring onions and fresh coriander

Shahi Paneer
Side £5.95 Main £8.95
Indian cheese in a delicious creamy sauce with tomatoes and spring onions

Tarka Dall
Side £5.95 Main £8.95
A old favourite dish with pan fried onions, lentils and tomatoes, finished with fresh coriander

Chana Karhai
Side £5.95 Main £8.95
Chick peas simmered in a karahi sauce with onions and peppers

Chana Dahi Masala
Side £5.95 Main £8.95
Chick peas cooked gently in a yoghurt masala sauce with onions and pepper


Basmati Boiled Rice £2.95
Pauli Rice £3.25
Spicy Desi Rice £3.50
Green chillies
Mushroom & Jeera Rice £3.50

Dips & Sauses
Spiced onions £1.95
Mango chutney £1.75
Mixed pickle £1.95
Mint sauce £1.95
Indian Raita £2.50

Lemon Grass Rice £3.50


All nan breads are cooked in the tandoori oven with a variety of fillings:

Plain Pratha £2.95
Veggie Pratha £3.50
Keema Pratha £3.75
Haggis Pratha £3.75
Roti £1.75
Tandoori Roti £1.95

Plain Nan £2.95
Garlic Nan £3.50
Peshwari Nan £3.50
Chilli & Chesse Nan £3.50
Masala Nan £3.50
Haggis Nan £3.50
Kulcha Nan £3.50
Keema Nan £3.75

Popadoms 0.95p
Chips £2.50

European Option

All served with crispy salad and french fries
Chicken Maryland £14.95
Breaded breast of chicken & pineapple served with gravy
Breaded Scampi £13.95
Served with tartar sauce
Roast Chicken £14.95
Chicken marinated with European herbs
Battered Haddock £12.95

Served with tartar sauce

For more information on what we can do for you to make your function that little
bit special please ask your server.

Scotland’s premier restaurant where East meets West in a fusion of Scottish and Indian heritage.

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